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Level 32, 1 Market Street, Sydney NSW 2000
1800 Page One

About Us

Tony Adams
Deanna Adams
Managing Partner
1800 Page One
James Douglas
Head of Social Media
+61 452633970

We are a boutique team with over 20 years combined experience in digital marketing and SEO consultancy.  We are a tight knit team and if you call with questions you have Tony answer them on the spot as he is doing the optimisation work for clients, not an account manager in the back office who is straight from university.

Tony had his first website in 2000, which was a financial services e-commerce site which he built into a significant international business and sold it in 2006 and retired. Deanna worked in the Advertising industry in New York for eight years and on returning to Australia in 2010, met Tony and teamed up to form Sydney SEO Partners.

We do every thing ourselves and nothing is outsourced. Our ‘Partners’ are the experts that we call on to carry out expert technical tasks that we required assistance with from time to them. This includes website hosting, website security, web development, specialist content writing and Adwords Management.

We are very selective with who we take on as clients as there has to be a ‘good fit’ to become a client of ours. We turn away a lot of work, especially if any aggressive or demanding tendencies surface in initial communications. We do great work and its stressful enough as it is, we don’t need aggressive personalities placing unrealistic demands on us. We consider our clients to be friends that we we work hard for and the relationship adds to the culture of our business.